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Femdom Captions Review

Reviewed: 2009-01-13
Quick site rank and complete review of Femdom Captions | Categories: Fetish

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standard rank
Our Rating: 78/100

Quality of Content: 18/25

Purchase Value: 15/20

Leased/Own Content: 13/15

Update Frequency: 9/10

Content Variety: 8/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 4/5

Originality: 9/10

Navigation: 2/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For FemdomCaptions

User Rating: 54/100 - based on 125 votes.

Price & Payment Options

Join by debit or credit card via Verotel for $19.95 for 30 days recurring, $49.50 for 90 days non-recurring or $81.00 for 180 days non-recurring.

Tour Promises

FemdomCaptions.com promises deadly females, more than 2,700 captions and 100 audio and video captions, evil mistresses and tormented slaves.

My Opinion About FemdomCaptions

Anyone looking for a much more unique twist on the whole BDSM theme will certainly find original content on Femdom Captions. This site will appeal more to those who love reading and enjoy having a fantasy created with one photo and a few words.

FemdomCaptions is a reasonably priced site and you do get quite a bit of content. While the site does offer videos, they aren't the most prominent feature and they aren't what you might be expecting. The important thing to remember about the site is that it's more focussed on captions. The videos do create a fantasy for you, but they're sort of like spoken captions. Usually, there is one scene and about a minute's worth of dialogue. One 2730kbps 640x360 QuickTime video is added every month and they have a runtime of approximately one minute. There isn't hardcore as far as I could tell, but you do get a searing hot and evil femdom branding your imagination with her words. For example, one flick featured a femdom teasingly showing her foot. She speaks directly to the camera, to you and tells you exactly how she feels about lowly foot slaves. The films are a tease, but the power of a word and an image do go a long way.

While there are 36 shorts, if you really want to use your imagination then the photo captions are the way to go. The photos are not exclusive; however, all the text is completely original. The images are specially selected and typically have a femdom or BDSM flavour. Alone, you might be able to create your own fantasy, but the crafty words in the captions with sear to your libido and generate a thrill of fantasy possibilities. One photo features a male sub bent over a desk and being fucked by a mistress. The caption reads "have you had enough of finding out what it feels like to be a girl, or do you want me to keep fucking you?" The captions are often berating and always you get the feeling that the femdoms are talking to you as a viewer, which I really liked. They are generally stand alone captions and they are well written, but I would have enjoyed photos larger than the 830x533 currently offered.

Design wise, the site was attractive, but navigation could stand to be improved. There is a chat link and the site is hoping to have an exclusive forum online soon. There is an erotic story library as well, but right now there is only one story. The captions are added every two to four days, which is great and so far there are at least. It's hard to know exactly how many captions there are, but there have been at least 300 sets this year alone and the site has been adding captions since 2006.

Final Verdict

Those who prefer porn that titillates, taunts, and plays with your fantasies, libido and emotions, will get the most out of this unique site. There's plenty of original content, but just remember that the videos are, just like the photos, not so much explicitly made to get you off as made to tempt and force you to react to the words and images before you. Femdom Captions is definitely a unique site and if this sort of content appeals, then it's an inexpensive membership that might be worth giving a whirl.

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